Sunday, July 16, 2006

: : its not right!! : :

its just not right!!! how can we both just be friends? i really dont understand. each girl i meet, i keep comparing them to you. sadly till now no one can replace you. you are with him, and i dont understand how come you keep sending me signals that we have a chance. how come you sweet talk to me everytime we are on the phone? this is really not right??

i do think of you. almost everyday. i just hope that everything is ok and you are happy.

sometimes it hard for me to hangup when we are on the phone. i wish we could contineu on and on. everytime i see you calling or you sms. my heart skips a beat!!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

just surfing around the net. DUDE, we have the same name.

I'm also an Aylwin

3:30 AM  

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