Saturday, September 09, 2006

: : CHIEF : :


1) moms feeling much better these days!!! doc says that it might take a while for her lungs to completely heal. so will just see loh!!!

2) chief pass away on 31st aug. thousands mourn. i volunteered myself during the funeral. the funeral was one of a kind. no kidding man. the flowers itself cost RM70k. chief was crimated and the ashes was put in 3urns. duno how its gonna be divided. its really a loss to malaysia n to the rest of the world. chief was really one of a kind. may he be well and happy where ever he maybe.

3) went for farewell with chea ean and gang! it was at sevenatenine. i m sure everyone had fun. the place was nice. nice atmosphere plus the drinks are reasonablely cheap compared to clubs. shes leaving malaysia next tue (12/9). will be sending her off.

thats pretty much wat happen the last few week. going off to mamak now to meet up with some childhood friends!!


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