Thursday, September 28, 2006

guest blogger : rachel ccc

hi there.. obviously i am ally's fren..close one i can say...monday will hav 2 papers n now i am blogging fr u can see how important he is to me..:P foundation year's class mates n till now wet mates...:D

k main purpose here is to blog about our outing yesterday nite...for a more detailed one u can click here. haha enuf of the advertising part...

we went to the curve's sakae sushi for dinner...the main reason tat pulls us together to makan n minum is bcz our leng lui danielle is here in pj so of cz as her best frens we muz pei min her rite..:D
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so after the dinner we went sevenatenine to chill out and chit chat...had some drinks n desserts and of we go to the next spot which is mezquite 52..this is our third time there and yeah we do enjoy everything there...*wink*
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after mezquite 52 i went off cz i am a good n the wet gang continue...
--> QBA
--> lecturer's hse
--> dim sum!!!

damn keng...they reached cyber nearly 7 early in the morn..pui fok pui fok..:P


Blogger aylwin said...

hahahah thanks rach!!! but i duno about the GOOD GIRL part...u din go bek with us AGAIN!!! :P

10:44 AM  
Blogger cher ching said...

hahahahha exxxcuse me....i am a good gal ok????? -_-

10:47 AM  

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