Sunday, January 30, 2005

: : back and dead : :

heyya peeps~!~!

i m back in cyber...i m having my accounting midterm tomorrow and i watching the apprentice now...cham lor....will study somemore after this......
i cant wait for cny~!~! gonna get new clothes next weekend...

Friday, January 28, 2005


the paper SUCKED~!~! SUCKED TO THE MAXX.....neway played a bit of volleyball on my way back to the hostel....going bek in a short while....may stop by at pyramid to watch movie with the dsg ppl first.....

will onli go to meows place during the night~!~!coz i waiting for topper~!~!

cheers for the weekend~!

: : c'est la vie : :

played volleyball just now~!~! took some time off studying~!~!~ i felt much better after a bit....will be having MACROECONOMICS midterm tomorrow...i m worry about the mcq part more than the structure....duno why...i kinda have the feeling i know wats coming out of the midterm...hope everything goes fine!!!!

acctually i have made plans for tomorrow... i plan to go out fer movies with the dsg ppl and then mayb do some cny shopping but then i have to go bek...meow's granny passed away on wed morning....tot of going be to see her and my be pay my respect...i felt this is the least i can do for many grannies can a person have? this kinda saddens me..tinking bek how fragile life could be.....which means any time our any of our loved ones could leave us forever.... hiah~!~!! c'est la vie~!~! IMPERMERNENTS.....mayb i should remind myself to cherish all the people around me~!~!

to meow's granny.. may you be free from enmity and danger, may you be free from physical and mental suffering, may you be reborn in better planes of existence may you be well and happy~!~!

nites peeps~!~!


heyya peeps~!~!
i m bored...seriously bored....exam is coming n i dun have the mood to study...haih....worst part is i dont even understand one shit of the lecture.....damn!!! really need to pull my pants up n start studying~!~! hee hee not that my pants are falling~!!~btw thanks jolyn for being such a 'loyal' reader~!~! *huggies*

btw peeps~!~! i need help with the tagboard~!~!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

NEW bloG ~!~!~!

hey peeps.. new me = new blog
heehee...neway created this new one cuz i was feddup with my old one~!~!~! heheehhe~!~! will start to post more often~!~!

peace out~~!~!