Tuesday, March 28, 2006

: : erupt : :

stress level beyond max… I feel like erupting….havent learned the dharma I feel like screwing them all upside down inside out…. Well may be this is a time for me to practice on my patient…. Talk about anger management….


Sunday, March 26, 2006

: : words within : :

i thought,
i was important,
i believe i was,
i was wrong.

i thought,
if i be there for you,
you' ll be there for me,
again i was wrong.

i thought,
friends will stick together,
not only when they need you,
then again i was wrong.

i could not sleep last night,
from delusion, to anger and finally to hatered,
it all came to me,
the 3 roots of evil.

now here in the hour,
i pray for courage,
i pray for strength,
most importantly, i pray for forgiveness .