Saturday, February 25, 2006


Sometimes things are better to be said by other people instead of the owner of the blog himself... Hello people, I'm Stephanie and I'm helping my best buddy here on his blog... I don't really know what to say... so it's better to tell what I know...

This guy here, is my all time favourite buddy... He's good, clever, cute, lovable... caring... helpful... everything which is good... you can find in him... He likes to help other people and dun really mind if he sacrafice his own time for others. He taught me how to play a simple song with the piano and he taught me a lot more...

He's a fun person to hang out with and a great teacher... more like a brother actually... I really dunno what to blog... So I'm just here to tell you guys that... Wei Loong here is a great guy... hehe... I really dunno what to say edi... pening pening liao... byebye...

Friday, February 24, 2006


im munchkinpuff,not that im a 'xia xue'/'kenny',but i was actually invited to guest blog...makes me feel damn 'got face',can?

aaanyways,im supposed to be doing my tutorials rite now,but some random guy out there sooo busy saving his privates that he doesnt have time for his blog & decided to drag me into it instead -.-"

as mentioned,i have my own ass to save,will post up a proper entry tmw,by God's will(insyaallah) =p

p/s: see that link by the name of jo.lyn(under 'with bossoms')?go on & click...go,go...=]

Saturday, February 11, 2006

: : bruises : :

it is been many many late nights for me...i have been very busy with the CNYE (chinese new year extragavanza) stuff. my job, is one of a kind. mainly everything that needs to be done but no one doing it is my job. building giant tanglungs to distributing flyers. tiring but satisfying. many ups and downs. many time i did wanted to screw people but then all this happens. so just go by it.

went paintball today with the incovar bunch. it was great. i played 3 fun pack 15min games. got abt 23 frags and got fraged 10 times. each shot is painfull and paintfull...hahaha it gives u a 20cent coin "orr cheh" (bruises) and a paint marking. the most amazing part my groin survived multiple gangbangs.. hahahah duno how many ppl tried to frag my "amazingly big big small brother" but failed... hahhaha will post up pic soon!

i m here now in campus. in one of the lecture room doing the final preparation for cnye. i stink and my body aching. rushed here after paintball and have no time to clean up. hopefully everything goes well tomorrow!

have a nice day!

Monday, February 06, 2006

: : first of may : :

today is moi's first day of class for the 3rd trimester. guess wat!! I MISS MY FIRST CLASS!! damn!! what a way to start off the new sem. potong stim betui!!

neway, this sem i m taking 7 subject and its kinda heavy. stupid FOM. will be having a few class with the betas, which i totally like. call me goldfishman, I DONT CARE! oh ya have i mention i have just made enemies wit the assistant manager of FOM. COOL!

this sunday till the next week will be the cnye week. i m a part of it. but sadly i haven been contributing much. so this few days will be also a good chance to redeem myself.

just got back from a gambling gathering at sherz place. won abt 30+ but lost 10 bucks to danielboy at the last round. so theres only 20 bucks left for me.

gud nites peeps! another 8am class tomorrow!

have a nice lay!