Sunday, July 31, 2005

: : fame and glory : :

ahhhh~!~! wat a nice sunday. all i did was sit at home and be fat and lazy. hahahhaha. i just found out that my pic was in lowyat forum. i m famous!!!! hhahhhaha. check it out

neway , this tue i MIGHT be in a comercial shooting for a new ad for celcom~!~! role is a mad clubber~!~! *grins* am i a mad clubber??

Thursday, July 28, 2005

: : la la la : : :

holiday is just around the corner. i like to wish everyone a happy holiday. la la la~!~!~!

Monday, July 25, 2005

: : doubleDRAGON : :

Wei Loong and LOONGLOONG~!~! :P

: : what did i do to u : :

what did i do to u??? what did i say to you???why must u make a bif fuss with everything???when will u grow up???get a live will ya!!!! GROW UP!!! STOP WHINING HOW MISERABLE U AR!!!! YOUR ACTIONS ONLY MAKE PPL HATE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

: : story : :

long long time ago, there was a kingdom with a good and kind king. everyone in the village loved the king very much. in kingdom, there were 2 wells, one for the king to drink from it another for the villigers to drink. one day the villagers well got poisoned. everyone who drank from it went crazy. so the whole people in the kingdom went crazy. only the king was sane. the king tried to convinced all of them that thay are crazy ask them to seek treatment. the villagers replied that the king was the only one crazy, all of them are ok. after much trying to convince them the king gave up and drank from the poisoned well. so now everyone is ok!~~!~! :P

Thursday, July 21, 2005

: : ROCK'em : :

just came back from audiowarfare, an event organized by sparc. overall the event was not bad. at lease it was way much better that the DJ gig thingy. both cost the same. actually the best part of this is get to meet back with old pals like yvonne, alex and amy. come to think of it i m begining to like the rock band thingy. kinda cool. i would die to know how 2 play the drums. neway had a great time. did alot of crazy stuffs i.e screaming my lungs out, taking pic with alex's pet iguana and 'curi' ing lots and lots of car stickers. its funny how suyen n jess keep thanking me for no apprent reason. i duno wat i did aslo, "aylwin thank u for everything".hahaha. at a scale from 1 to 10, i give my day a 8.

Monday, July 18, 2005

: : argHHH : :

over the past week months, i for some reason lost my intrest in blogging. but now thanks to some blog enthusiast like ven and sher , i m back on track blogging my way~!~!hahahhaha. no body miss me rite???