Wednesday, February 23, 2005

: : moodless : :

meow left dee...and my life goes on in CYBERJAYA...the day meow left..ks smsed me...she asked me to find another partner for prom~!~!~ wonderful~!!~such a great i m left with such good news~!~!~!i m not so sure wat i want now~!~!nuthing seems to make me happy~!~!i started to get tired~!~!~!i feel i have no purpose~!~!i have been tinking to stop studying for a while...just to change the enviroment and get myself back~!~! but fortunetly i cant do that~!~!how nice indeed~!~!FYEO i m not sad nor happy nor angry~!~! i dont know what i want~!~!~! those with solution or ideas on how to make my life better plz contact me asap~!~! might be going to an orphanage this sunday to help out....will see how life goes on till then...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

: : goodbye cny...helllo valentine : :

yo peeps~!~! i m back~!~!
cny was okie...not too good not to bad....okie lets start off with the bad....this year cny was dead boring... coz i m always at home....didnt get to go visiting much...on 3rd went to ipoh to visit the relatives there....then on the 4th was meow's farewell to the good part i won RM80 bucks on the 1st day....hell yeah~!~!
just wanna say somthing abt wat i felt in meows onli i understood wat meow meant to me~!!~ she was my bestest fren~!~!she were always there for me~!!~my shoulder to cry on...i really dun know what i will become when shes not around~!~!~ realise that i depend too much on her...i m surely gonna miss her when shes off to aust~!~!things wont be the same without here...only hope that our frenship wont break once shes in aust...but nevertheless i still have my other close frens here in cyber n in back meow this part is dedicate to u...i hope u are reading this....n i hope u are crying~!~!~! :P
tomorrows valentines came to my house today...she wanted to use my ktitchen to bake cookies fer her bf...being a good jimui i borrow her loh....i must admit i was a bit jealous...she never treated me that i wish ppl would bake cookies for me...haih~!~!~ *hint hint* hahahaha.....just now b4 coming bek to cyber...i stopped by at ks house...pass ks a box of choc as valentines gift...and aslo a few sets of tvb drama....
now i have to go bek my assignments....the onli reason i m bek in cyber~!~!~ hiah~!~!
cheerrs everyone~!~! happy valentines~!~!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

: : cny : :

yo peeps~!~!

chinese new year is around the block~!~! wanna take this opportunity to wish all u peeps out there gong xi fa chai...may the year of the CHICKEN bring us good luck, prosperity and happiness~!~!~!

yesterday went to 1U with k.s n edwin...bought a pair of romp jeans n the feb edition of FHM ... heheheh happie *grins* ....walk there the whole day...tired!~!~!~! then is off to SS2 T to have dinner....bought meow a nightmare before xmas purse~!~!

i wont be updating the blog very often coz i dun have a pc with mayb after next week....
btw...i m darn happy coz k.s promised me to be my partner fer ENITE...hohohhoho....

cheers peeps...toodles~!~!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

: : the BUDDHA : :

heyya peeps...

just got back from petaling street...guess wat have i bought.... a buddha statue!!! hahahaha....just after lunch i ask cheeonn wanna go to the bodhi book shop anot....he said okie then off we go....the shop is located somewhere in petaling street...the statue cost me rm120...kinda cheap to me...cheeonn swiped his card first...gonna go tekan money out later to pay him back.....

i had my stats quiz this was TOO EASY!!!! TOO EASY until i duno how to do!!! i didnt expect that it would be so easy so i studied the hard part~!~! mana tau the lecturer sot sot wan come out so easy qustion....haih~!~! sad.......

gonna have my finance midterm tomorrow so gonna study tonite...after that is back home to celebrate cny....hahaha cant wait...but its kinda sad also coz my best fren in going to sydney dee~!~! haih~!~!~ surely gonna miss her~!~!~