Thursday, October 13, 2005

: : imbecile : :

i swear to go that i m fcuking jealous now.

i know i should not be jealous.

must i be jealous?

god help me!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

: : woman : :

i aint a sexist. i just read thru something that sound preety right to me...

"Whenever I hear girls bitching about how theirboyfriend or husband cheated on them or broke upwith them or beat them up or something, I feellike punching a wall in anger and frustration.guess what ladies: maybe you shouldn't fall forstupid assholes based on stupid superficialreasons. There are tons of good, smart guys outthere who can't get a date because they'reunattractive or socially awkward or whatever, andinstead you go for all the cool dumbasses who willinevitably hurt you somehow. That's why I neverfeel bad for girls who are complaining about howtheir boyfriend is an asshole, no matter what hedid: because you just know that for every assholeshe found herself attracted to, there were 10 goodguys she didn't give the time of day to."

tell me what u think ?

Monday, October 10, 2005

: : lesson i learn today : :

today i learn something new...



Saturday, October 08, 2005

: : back at home : :

before, i could not wait for the last paper. all the plans i ve made. makan. cycling. and other fun stuff

now,i wished it didnt have to end so fast. now all i do is sit at home in front of the pc whole day. i was really hoping that i can spend some time with some mates b4 the hols. STUPID MUMPS

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

: : smith : :

need i say more!!!!

: : my mumps : :

today last my paper dee~!~ yay! i shud be happy!!! but i m not~!~! i got mumps~!~! for the benafit of those that are not so sure wat is mumps, mumps is...

a)viral disease like chicken pox. which means u might get it once in a life time. no antibody will help.

b)mumps will make your saliva glands swollen. then parts below your ear will be swollen. its painful

c)if u get mumps, you should chew less. this is because chewing makes the saliva glands work harder to produce saliva.

the next part..FOR MALES ONLY

d)in many serious case of mumps, not just your saliva glands is swollen, YOUR TESTICALS AND PENIS WILL SWELL TOO and the doctor said that it is damn painful. THANK GOD I DONT HAVE THIS!!!! i repeat I DONT HAVE THIS!!! HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR!!!

it takes about a week or so to heal itself. hope i get well soon!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

: : leeveetaa : :

i m have 5 papers stright this week. and trust me it is hell. FE student has dee gone thru it, and believe me i know how u feel. while the girls in A3-2-3a has been living on redbull, i on the other hand been or shud i say is living with LIVITA (RM1.80 in HB3 RM1.90 in 7-11 :P) almost 2 bottles a day.......AMAZING!!!

oh btw....

: : happy "sang yat" ten ten : :

wish u all the best... and have a wonderful birthday.

and also

: : "fai lok" birthday to ZEN : :

hope u have a great time with ur gang down in melaka...have fun while u still can...and last but not lease happy birthday...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

: : happy birthday to you : :

i have 4 more papers till i can have a breath of fresh air which is on thursday.


: : happy birthday arina : :

wish u all the best. may u have many many good returns. may u have good health. may u have long life. may u be well and happy. may u not get bullied my me. may u go more pretty. may u grow up fast. may u not be so childish. may u be nicer to me......may u have lots of fun and happiness. may u find a boyfren soon.

and lastly may u have a joyful and plesant birthday in the exam week.

and also not forgeting cherchyi~~!~! happy birthday to u~!~!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

: : things ally gonna do during holidays : :

hols will be starting next week. this is what i m gonna do throughout the hols.

a) eat puas puas
b)drink puas puas
c)sleep puas puas
d)cycling in bukit cahaya
f)singapore zoo
g)go genting

to be updated...