Tuesday, March 08, 2005

: : prom : :

prom was great~!~! at lease for me~!!~
on the day it self i had my stats midterm...hahah i really didnt hav the mood to sit for the paper...the paper sucks...the word prom prom keep on popping on my head~!~!hahahah...well after the paper i went n get my self a haircut~!~!somewhere near southcity....i tell u this salon looks more like a prostitute center...the place was filled with old goats washing their hairs...funny thing is some of them is even bald...then the hair job really really sucked…I m never going back to that place again~!~!

next, I went and got a corsage for suyen… it was a red rose with some white flowers…then I fetch chialing to do get her makeup done..she didn’t have enuff time to do her hair coz Daniel wanted to go early….I went to yen’s house around 6…hahahah she was like a princess…june munlin n xiufu was doing her hair while jess was giving her a manicure…I had a good laugh seeing them get ready~!~!but suyen….you really look great that nite…i called Kevin over do to do my hair…hahaha thanks kevin… you did a great job~!~! I owe u one`!~!~!

we reached the hotel at 830…the dinner has started~!~!hahahah….too bad we missed the ballet dance….the food was okie….btw those in our table were : sher brian vic wailin Daniel chialing pris steven yen n me….our DSG tailo was selected as this year EKING…hahahha 2 years in a row eking was from dsg hahahah…….overall the nite was okie….not too good not to bad….after the prom we stayed and help them clean up the place….

The BEST part~!~! CLUBBING~!~!hahaah….after the prom 8 of us sher brian vic wailin Daniel chialing yen and me headed to atmosphere…the place was quite empty and kinda boring at first…but after the first few glasses of crunk juice hahahhaa everything was fun`!~!....reached back at cyber around 5am….

That was pretty much wat happen last sat~!~! seeya peeps..

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

: : welcome to my life : :

hey peeps~!~!
now i m going to the prom with suyen~!~! SUYEN I LOVE U~!~! thanks for accompanying me~!~! really appreaciat it~!~!tomorrow i will go get my shirt for the prom~!~!kinda hope i have a great time there~!~! really need some fun~!~! anyway b4 the prom theres loads of stuff to do~!~! assignments exam interview presentation~!~! haih~!~! how sad everything comes one shot~!~! but its not that bad~!~! i m still happy...gtg now peeps~!~!

till the next blog~!~!