Friday, April 22, 2005

: : how 2 spend my hols ? : :

yo peeps~!~!
went redbox sunway yesterday with topper song cheewei and penyu..heehehehe it was fun~!~! i really am getting into the redbox thingy hahahah~!~!since holiday started i didnt go clubbing even once but i went redbox 3 times dee muhahahah~!~!on my way bek from sunway, kristal call she said she was lost in puchong...then i gave her direction on where to go...5 min later she called again...she said her tire burst~!~! i was like unlucky can u be~!~!the worst part her car didnt have the jack or spannar...fortunetly some good samaritan stop and lend a hand.

next wed is my high school's sports day...i went to school today to help the scouts out with the marching and month i will be coaching the school's under 15 n under 18 softball team with topper. its a good time for me to burn fats. i sort of made up my mind to grow thinner before the sem starts~!~! hahahah....wish me luck~!~! hahaha

thats all for now~!~! till the next blog~!~! may the force be with you~!

Monday, April 18, 2005

: : holidays : :

i m now back in klang. just got back from movies with topper, song, kristal, and cheewai. watch the movie pacifier staring vin diesel !!! gosh his the man's man !!! anyway i will start looking for jobs tomorrow. will go see uncle alan, hopes he gives me the job at secret recipe. anyway if that fails, i m gonna try G2 or demopower. both company handles those promoters in hypermarkets where they give u free food samples. i might even work as the ticketing agent for the royal london circus. but then i only earn the commision for every ticket i sell. no basic whatsoever.

been in my room almost the whole day watching dramas. i duno why but i m begining to miss the people in cyberjaya. miss onlining 24/7. miss hanging out until the wee hours of the morning. MISS MY ROOMIE!!!! hahahahah john its you~!~!~!hahahha thanks for being such a nice roomie. waking me up. sharing movies with me. helping me out with my pc. tolerating me. and lots more~!~!~ hahahaha.

gtg now peeps~!~! see ya~!~!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

*grins* Posted by Hello

: : last of the last : :

yay! finally finish my exam~!~!~ double yay! from this moment on i will be embarking on the longest ever holiday in MMU history, 8weeks. hohohohoho

donated my blood just now. hahahaha my 5th time. next time, for those who in need of blood call me. i m a A+ :P

gonna get some sleep now. see ya peeps next time !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

: : this week : :

just came back from dinner with sy. thanks sy fer accompanying me. i know u are not so happy today but anyway thanks. many things happen this week.

for starters, JUNE! she was admited to sunway medical fer an APENDICsumthingTOMY. at first she went to the mmu panel doc. the doc said it was nothing but some kind of bladder infection. but then june got worried so she went for a second opinion. well she was lucky that she did that. the doc said that the thing almost rupture. she now in penang resting.

exam was teribble. finance paper is a certain failure. i m sure that i will be taking the supplementary. others was terible aslo but i tink i can manage to pass. imagine sleeping for 4 hours in 3days. that was what i felt when i took that paper. after that went sunway with sy, wz, yq and ml. watch BECOOL.

this afternoon went to REDBOX with co n bh. sang for about 3 hours and it onli cost me 8 bucks. hahahahahah~!~!!~~! i think i m addicted to karaoke...hahahha sing sing~!~~!~! after singing we went for waffels. yum yum~!~!next stop was brickfields vihara. we offered flowers and prayed.

i duno why but everytime when i step in to the temple i feel sumthing strange. you see, during the tsunami disasters, i went there a few time to help out. at first the place was empty with just a few volunteers helping to sort the stuffs and pack them to their respective boxes but after a few days the whole place was filled with about 1000 volunteers. there is not even space for the lorries to come in. but now the whole temple is empty. i remember once while i was helping out there was a MALAY couple helping out in the TEMPLE. I REPEAT MALAY COUPLE IN A TEMPLE. you dont see this often do u. as i know malays or islams can be involve with other religions. deep down inside i felt something. i cant discribe that happy feeling. some people might think that i am a very religious person. i must admit i am not . i dont even know why i m involve in so many buddhist acctivity. it all began with me attending a camp after my highschool. that this is was purely for GIRLS.

i m not a person who speaks his mind out. i find it extreamly difficult to even express myself right. dont get me wrong i m not a quiet person, i m if fact quite loud. very often i keep my feeling inside of me. sometime i just wish people could really know what i feel inside. even more i wish i could understand myself better. i take people's word seriously. when people say something good or bad someone or something or even me, i really take that into serious consideration. for example sher said that i m acting more and more desprate, come to think of it i am. i am because i m getting lonelier and lonelier. i m being more and more isolated with my friends and family. sher dun get me wrong, i m not angry at you one bit, in fact i m very glad that u told me.

will be having my last paper tomorrow, so till the next blog, everyone may you all be well and happy.

Friday, April 08, 2005

: : EXAM WEEK : :

yo peeps!
its now the exam week. and sorry to say that its been a while since i ve blog. i ve been kinda busy and lasy to blog. lately many things had happen, but i m not in the mood to talk about it right now. next week holiday is starting. YAY!!! for 8 WEEKS. first time in uni history. will try to blog more often then. till then may lady luck ride with me during exams. toodles ~!~!~

btw i have just change the chatbox.the old one is no longer free.