Tuesday, May 24, 2005

: : whats next? : :

yo peeps~!~its been a while since i have bloged about my life lets see what happen :-

1) followed topper n family down to melaka to get topper's melaka accomodation settle; hes going fer alpha engine in mmu starting 5th june.

2) wesak!!!! volunteered at nalanda in the morning till evening then at nite i did a crazy thing~!~! i joined the wesak procession organized by the buddhist maha vihara in brickfields. for the whole thing i walk fer 10 km around kl at night~!~! crazy but true~!~!

3) just becoz of the wesak thingy i missed weizhi's house warming party~!~! huhuhuh~!~! i wanted to go so badly~!~!huhuh~!~! i wan see zhi zhi n su yen~!~~!~!~! huhuhuhu

4)celebrated meows bday via webcam. somthing you never hear b4 rite~!~! a few of us went over to her house with a birthday cake show her on the webcam lit the candles asked her to make a wish n stuff...and then we blow the candle, cut the cake and eat for her~!~! :D

5) going to langkawi on the 31st till 2nd and then incovar camp on 2nd till the 5th....

6) class starts on the 13th june

thats all folks~!~! see ya~!~!~!

Friday, May 06, 2005

: : SEXIST : :

at this modern era.. i cant belive that there are still people who think that sons are better than daughters...this is not logicall....i so happen to come to know a girl whos parents doesnt want her to study anymore but to find a job and wait to get marry... WTF.... I HATE SUCH PEOPLE~!~!

Monday, May 02, 2005

: : i pass i pass : :

hohoho~!~! yo peeps~!~! i pass all my papers...even finance and macroecons~!~! hohohoh~!~!~! dem happy now~!~! but then sad aslo coz not going to ipoh dee~!~!~ sad sad sad~!~!

: : i miss u : :

hey peeps~!~!
i m now in winternights~!~! for those not living in klang, winternights is a cybercafe.... i got fedup of my dailup connection~!~! dem dem slow~!~! it kills~!~!

lets see wat happen the pass week~!~! erm erm~!~! can seem to remember....hmmm~!~! must be the holidays~!~!erm okie...yesterday join a run organised by SGM~! got forced in by bishan's sis... i ran a whole 6 km...now my whole dem body is aching...this shows i m lacking exersice n i m not healthy~!~! then at night i headed over to sheraton imperial kl with my parents coz my cuzzie and family came down~!~!he treated us dinner then it is off back to klang....

cant seem to remember wat happen after yesterday~!~!shit...it like WTF~!~! anyway i will be going down to ipoh tomorrow.... for how long i dont know~!~! mayb after that might go down to penang and cameroon highlands b4 coming bek to klang... i dun tink i will be working dee~!~! coz i m lacking of time~!~ need to enjoy while i can~!~! ahahahah~!~!~

chow peeps~!~!
wondering whats with the title~!~ well i been missing someone for some time now~!~! :P