Friday, May 26, 2006

: : 5 hours : :

in exactly 5 hours my last paper will end. i m now partial brain dead. where do i find motivation to study when everyone around u is celebrating. ahHHGhhh!!! my brain now is jammed!!! feels like giving up!!!!!!

on a lighter note!!! i will be going to kelantan tomorrow!!! yay!!! this will be my first time to the east coast!!!

cheers everyone!!!

n good luck to me!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

: : the fours : :

nahhh forget the past. on a lighter note, i been tag.

four movies that i can watch over and over and over:
-the sound of music
-the phantom of the opera
-err... any stephen chow movie?

four places i've lived:

four books i recommend to everyone:
eh... this are books too okie!!!

four of my favourite dishes:
the food doesnt matter... the company that counts... but if u must...
-gril lambs
-mcD fries
-cold soba

four sites i visit daily:
-my privates???

four places i'd rather b right now:
-my room back in klang
-anywhere away from cyberjaya

four bloggers i'm tagging:

cheers yumseng!

: : smiley : :

When the times are rough and trying,
Take a rest,
Take a look,
And treasure all around you,
If we just stop and take a look,

Up and up we’ll be together
Hand in hand,
Side by side,
And we shall stay together
No matter shines or rains,

But problems will always be problems,
When we face the toughest times,
We can always go back,
To the basics,
And make a start,

note to self.
just forget it!!! shit happens!!! if not to you then who?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

: : dear blog! : :

dear blog,

its been a while since i talk to you. sorry that i have been negalecting you. exam is here. for the pass few weeks, many things has been bothering me. so i didnt have time to talk to you. i hope you understand. i didnt mean to ignore you. please forgive me! i will promise you that i will try not to ignore u again for a long period.

just to update u, i will be going down to kelantan on the28th may, 1 day after my last paper. hopefuly i have a great time there. and keep some stuff away from my head. you see, she again gave me a full blow on my chest!! but this time not as bad as last time.

talk to you some other time!

may you be free from spams and hacks!!