Thursday, September 29, 2005

: : guanyimapopipopi : :

while others already finish a few papers, i will be starting mine today. i m at the library now for some last minute revision. i really need all the help and luck i can. any last minute miricles, divine intervention, what ever help, i also wan...

guan yi ma po pi....lmao

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

: : breakdown : :

finals is around the corner i m starting to break down. i m falling sick. keep worrying. freaking out. thank god i have a few friends who is kind enuff to help me. thank u so much~!
this is for u~!~!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

: : QUESTION? : :

i really wonder how many people acctually do read my shit. drop me a line will ya?

: : pictures : :

picture paints a thousand words...for more details ASK

clockwise : yichang, ally, jess, vic, wailin, suyen, rach (steamboat in YUEN)

daniel, ally, yiki (Daniel&Yiki's wedding)

bi n ally (Daniel&Yiki's wedding)

layteng n ally (Daniel&Yiki's wedding)

ally's 1st lightning shot attemp (CyBH balcony)

ally's 1st lightning shot attemp (CyBH balcony)

abang orc, siewteng, ally (mooncake festival in campus)

lettkee, yawhan, yeekuan, orc, ally, (mooncake festival in campus)

abangorc, baddha, ally (mooncake festival in campus)

ally n bi( bi's house)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

: : gone : :

i finally removed the annoying sound dee....hooray~!~!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

: : i am : :

i am.. pointing my finger at sheryee who is pointing her finger at kennysia for starting this "i am" post

i am.. a guy

i am.. fat

i am.. that guy screaming like a girl while watching red shoe

i am.. the guy who loves hugs.

i am.. lazy

i am.. loud

i am.. the guy that find it very hard to talk with the person i like

i am.. also a music addict

i am..the guy u can always talk to.

i am.. the kepoh guy that always kepoing around

i am.. the guy with the yellow deer

i am.. from klang.

i am.. a redbox addict

i am.. a person with more female friends than male ones

i am.. failure in managing money.

i am.. a person who gets jealous very easy

i am.. a person with bad temper

i am.. proud of my belly

i am.. that guy without the courage to say "i love u" to the one he loves

i am.. the guy who is always trying to make her happy.

i am...

i am...

i am...

i am... ME, aylwin

Monday, September 12, 2005

: : updates : :

a) i am dying coz of my assignments. finals is coming and i m totally not ready for it. flunk a few midterms dee. i would like to stress the A FEW midterms dee.

b) bishan's eldest sister got married last sat. attended the wedding. congratulation to yiki n daniel. may you both enjoy long life, happiness and peace.

bishan's family

c) i m sick of studying. cant help it help me someone.

thats pretty much wat happen last week. till the next blog.

btw thank u weizhi mom for the mooncake~!~! thanks a lot aunty~!~!

Friday, September 09, 2005

: : HE : :

he leaves you because he is afraid to lose u, he is afraid that you might leave them one day.

he leaves you because he is afraid that one day you will avoid him if he get too close.

he leaves you because he is falling for u.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

: : the pencil and the sharpener : :

there are times when ppl say i give good advice. yeah! i give good advise to ppl but to myself i give terible ideas. i m now shity mood. but for the benefits of those who reads my blog, i wanna share with you something that i've read about. the story of the pencil and the sharpener.

once there was this guy. he went thru many many suffering and misery. one day he cracked and wanted to kill himself. when he was about to kill himself, he saw this old man. the old man ask him y he wanted to die..yada yada yada.... then the old man ask him to imagine himself as a pencil. "at first when you write, your end is well pointed, enough to tear the paper. you can draw at any pace and the writing is easy'' the old man said.

they guy nodded.

"but then the point becomes blunt and the writing is not as good as you would like it to be. you are worn out" the old man said again. " what will u do? you will sharpen it with a sharpener!"

it needs sharpening to get it back into the initial form. it cannot be done without pain. as the pencil passes through the blades of the sharpener, shaving away some wood. the pencil is sharp again.

humans are like that too. we must endure suffering to get back into our initial form.

i find this story has a msg. i duno how applicable it is. but then this is the story.

Monday, September 05, 2005

: : its still hurts : :

the pain on my chest comes and goes. dad said it is cause of muscle pulling. maybe i terhurt myself. and to sheryee i have been eating contantly now. no more kiam pia. just that portion are smaller. *hugz*

bought the davinci's code pre-quel the angels and demons. i m already1/3 thru it. the story is so so compared to davinci's code.

oh btw today is my granny 7th day prayer. so now everythings over.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

: : chest pain : :

having a little chest pain now!!! argHH!!! nothing to do about it!!!

these days nothing seems to exite me anymore. i dun look forward to anything. nothing seems to make me happy. i m like a dead zombie. then theres assignments and finals. argHHhh!!!!!

my sis from nz came back.

the chest pain come and go!! now its getting worst. going to bed now!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

: : donation appeal : :

on behalf of mmudsg.

Wisdom Audio Visual Exchange or more commonly known as WAVE is a non-profit organization that prints and distributes Dhamma books out for free. They are constantly in need of people's support to continue the good effort.Currently a few of us in MMUDSG is planing to help them reprint a book entitled : BODHIYANA by Ven. Ajahn Chah (pic below). It cost RM1.80 a copy to reprint, but the printer need at least 1000 copies to print. This means we need to collect RM1800 to reprint this book.

To know more about WAVE, please go to

For more infomation kindly contact Bro.
CheeOnn (ym! : mmucasper) or Sis. BeeHui (ym! : bhcheah23 )"

the gift of dhamma excel other gifts "

Personally i think that what goes around comes around. by donating for such meritorious action, good itself will come back to you. may we all together help towards realising this project. no amount is to small.

: : no appetite 2 : :

that night after posting that blog, i went putra permai to eat sumthing. i ordered nasi lemak ayam and neslo ais. half way thru my meal i felt so damn full. didnt manage to finish it. once i got back home i felt like puking.

now my eating habits are abt normal. i find myself eating at a much smaller portion. think of this as a good thing. good for me to kam fei, and be the hottest guy in mmu~!~! DREAM ON SUCKER~!~!~!

i m now in my room in cyber. came back to get weizhi her medicine. kesian her headache for 3 days dee. got her a very powerful Ponstan. hope she be well soon.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

: : no appetite : :

the last proper meal i had was mcD with sher yesterday morning. since then i m solely surviving on cream crackers (kiam pia) and water (koon chui) only. not that i m broke or anything, in fact i have loads of foodstuff here but just i dun have the appetite to eat. i feel like puking. i m freaking my housemates out :P. till now i ate 14 pieces of crackers.