Saturday, July 22, 2006

: : UM : :

i was sleeping when bi call in the morning. she ask me to drive her to UM. she said that she needed to look for some infomation in the UM law fac library. so here i m now in the UNIVERSITY MALAYA 12th RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE, BLOCK D, 5th floor blogging my way.

thank god angeline for being such a sweety to accompany me while i wait.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

: : mixedemotion : :


i had a great time at JUNE's party today. she turn 21 today. happy birthday june dear!!! the party was great. i get to meet people i care about the most in uni. its been a really really long time since i met them. this was the first time in this sem we met. at the begining i froze a bit, didnt know wat to talk to them after so long. i can see that they have change a little, but i still love them.

ck,cl,sy n me went rush after that. the girls sure had fun will all the free drinks the got. the guys however return home with a hole in the wallet.:D i think clubbing is out for me already. i think i have pass the clubbing ERA already. clubbing dun seem fun for me anymore. i prefer bars where i can drink n chill around. for the fun i bought a pack of ciggies for the first time. hahahaha!!!

overall todays a happy day but i still for some reason feel a bit down. MAY TOMORROW BE A HAPPIER DAY!!!


Sunday, July 16, 2006

: : obon : :

it all started with puiyen msging me to go out for movies. then the others join in. then plans were made to go for movies then bon odori. so we gather in mv before going to the stadium. i m lazy with the details so i m gonna post some pics.

: : its not right!! : :

its just not right!!! how can we both just be friends? i really dont understand. each girl i meet, i keep comparing them to you. sadly till now no one can replace you. you are with him, and i dont understand how come you keep sending me signals that we have a chance. how come you sweet talk to me everytime we are on the phone? this is really not right??

i do think of you. almost everyday. i just hope that everything is ok and you are happy.

sometimes it hard for me to hangup when we are on the phone. i wish we could contineu on and on. everytime i see you calling or you sms. my heart skips a beat!!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

: : rumblings : :

i hate it when PEOPLE dont look at the BIG PICTURE.
i hate it when I m LEFT OUT.
i hate it when PEOPLE take me for GRANTED.
i hate it when every PROBLEM is MY PROBLEM.
i hate it when PEOPLE ask me "WHAT'S NEXT".
i hate it when YOUR problem becomes MY problem.
i hate it when PEOPLE only think about THEMSELVES.

on a lighter note...


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

: : passion : :

for the record... i m still sick!!!

just a short post...wishing both of you the very best... :D


Monday, July 10, 2006

: : its life : :

kinda in a bad shape now. been sick since last week. but then again this aint that bad compare to someone i know. HOPE U DO WELL SOON ENOUGH!

the blogging sprit in sort of die off. many things happen but then just didnt feel like blogging. so wats new...???


people i know seem well...the girls got prettier...guys got HANDSOMER!!! is there such word btw! i heard that munchkinpuff is in sarawak...miss toosexy apparently is busy working gang is hang loads of fun, in and off classes...dsg gang is busy with AWAKENING'06....who else did i miss!!!

as for me... my life sort of tone down...things aint as spicy as it use to housemates notice this... all i do now is chill in my room alone...not that i m complaining, its just that its not the same... i miss my old life vy much.... i miss all the yumchaing session... i miss hanging out till late night....i miss the marketing gang...i miss the a3 girls....i miss MY MELAKA GANG!!! i miss those clubbing moments that i really enjoy....NO MORE CLUBBING FOR ME!!! i miss MEOW!!! gosh i din realise that i been missing so much things!!! and there is more!!!


i m happy now!!! just that life kinda diff now!!! MAJOR DIFF!!! I ACTUALLY DO REVISON BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS!!! AND I PRINT MY NOTES!!! for those who know me!!! i mean really know me!!! this has never happen before!!! hahahaha...

i think thats all for now!!! ITALY WON THE WC!!! fonza italia!!! have fun peeps!!!

bhavatu sabba manggalam!!!!!